In which country is TeachMeCash registered?

Our official company called Vinchell Limited is registered in Hong Kong. You can check it in the registry of Hong Kong companies.

Why is your company registered in Hong Kong?

We have registered the company in Hong Kong as it is the ‘entry point’ to the Asian market for international business projects. Geographical and ethnic neighbourhood with China, the principle 'One country – two systems', open liberal market, truly free regulatory, financial and tax systems, and the clear judicial system based on the British law make this jurisdiction a 'gateway to Asia'.

Is there a contract that regulates the relationship between the two parties – the sales friend and the company?

Yes, we have an agreement which is signed in the form of acceptance of the terms of the proposed offer.  

Can I get acquainted with the offer before accepting it?

Yes, the offer can be found on our website after the project starts. You can’t conclude an agreement without reading its text from the beginning to the end. Acceptance of the terms of the offer means you consent to the agreement terms. Without your consent, we won’t be able to proceed.
After accepting the offer and its annex (indicating the subscription cost, specifics of surveys and certain terms), these downloadable documents are stored in the backoffice. 

What country's legislation regulates the relationship between the sales friend and the company?

All disputes are governed by Hong Kong law.

Who is the head of TeachMeCash?

Illia Danylenko is the CEO of the company.
Learn more about the CEO and the product.

Are there guarantees that analytical materials include accurate information?

Our own analytical research center is the main guarantee. All our studies are 100% exclusive and fully developed by TeachMeCash specialists.

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