What is the minimum income I can have in one year of working with TeachMeCash?

You achieve the break-even point in a few months, depending on the subscription type. Our calculator on the website allows you to find out your future profit.
In any case, you earn almost twice more thanks to participating in our marketing surveys. If you decide to build a career, your income will increase as a result of the intensive work of your team.

How much time is given to complete the survey?

We give 13.5 days to fill out one survey. During the remaining 12 hours, we analyze answers and make payments to respondents.

Why do surveys last so long - 14 days? Are they so large?

14 days is the processing time, you can answer the questions in a couple of minutes. Or, you can agree with the answers of the sample.

Is filling out your surveys obligatory?

No, you are not obliged to do this. If you don’t want to answer the questions, you’ll receive the average statistics for your demographic group a day before the end of a survey. All the blank fields will be automatically filled with the data collected from this ‘anonymous group’. Nevertheless, your answers are very valuable for the development of our project and the EdTech industry as a whole, so we would be very glad if you fill out our surveys.

Where does the information collected with your surveys go?

All the information collected is sent to our research center which analyzes this data in order to create analytics and statistics for the EdTech market.

Are my answers to the surveys anonymous? Are my data tied to my answers? 

Everything is anonymous, we collect only your geographical and demographic data. No names, no addresses, bo any other personal information is stored on our servers. 

What is the purpose of filling out surveys?

We aim to create the most complete picture of the EdTech market to follow its trends. We are going to grow from an information-analytics company into a global consulting holding in the near future, so all opinions will be taken into account and thoroughly analyzed.

How often will surveys appear in my account?

There are 26 surveys per year in total. Every 14 days, a subscriber has the opportunity to fill out a new survey. They will appear in the backoffice, and we will also send you an email notification about that.

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