Can I purchase multiple subscriptions at once?

Yes, you can buy as many subscriptions as you like, if you need that. Our calculator will help you decide on the ideal number of subscriptions based on your personal goals.

Can I buy an infinite number of subscriptions or is there a limit? 

You can buy as much subscriptions as you want or need. Still, the total amount of subscriptions is limited, as the budgets, allocated for the marketing research by our partners are limited too. We can’t forecast when our clients will reach this total limit, and we’ll inform everyone once it we’ll be approaching it.  

Why does the cost of subscriptions differ? 

Our partners order studies of audiences of different categories: from the mass market to the luxury segment. Therefore, we have 3 subscription types: 

  • Initial (mass market) 
  • Medium (business segment) 
  • Top (luxury) 

Within each category, brands conduct surveys of people, focusing on the segment. As a result, they receive feedback exactly from those people who are 100% belong to target audience. 

How does a subscription work and pay off? 

Each client who buys a subscription leaves the amount in the product as a guarantee that they belong to the selected category and can participate in research. Verification of the audience takes 3.5-4 months, after which each user can receive net income from participating in surveys. Further, you still answer questions and earn money. 

When do I receive my subscription content?

First of all, you need to accept the offer, enter payment details and pay for a chosen subscription (the purchase process is described in the ‘Payments and Withdrawals’ section).
We receive your payment and fix the date. Your subscription is not activated immediately, but at 00:00 the next day. This is done to ensure that our system has enough time to process all requests.
As soon as your subscription is activated, we notify you about this by email and in the backoffice, where you can access TeachMeCash analytical reports any time.

How much can you earn in the platform? 

We work with companies and brands in the technology industry who are willing to invest in innovative products that people really need. So, they are ready to pay for the opinion of their target audience. From our experience, almost 6,000 people who are actively involved in the development of products and services, devoting only 10 minutes a week, can earn from the guaranteed $560 a year! And your income is practically unlimited! 15% of our subscribers earn from $200,000 a year, which is almost $17,000 a month. It all depends on you, your ambitions and actions! ;) 

How is the money from the sale of subscriptions used?

The funds are used for market research, improving business tools for our sales friends, opening of new offices and expanding the whole business worldwide.


What is the subscription purchase process if one uses Bitcoin?

The whole payment process includes several stages:

  • The system shows the required number of bitcoins and wallet details. The BTC/USD rate corresponds to the current rate on and is fixed for 15 minutes. This is the time during which you need to make a payment, otherwise, you will have to try to pay once more at a new rate.
  • After a client sends the money, the Bitcoin network confirms the transaction and the payment is credited to the TeachMeCash account.
  • Your subscription is activated at 00:00 on the next calendar day. There is no reason to worry if you paid for a subscription at 15:00 and did not see the materials in the backoffice. Everything will appear there the next day.

How long is the subscription payment normally processed?

The speed of transferring money to the TeachMeCash account depends on the Bitcoin network features. This procedure is normally quick and takes 1.5-2 hours. However, there are sometimes delays that are caused by heavy network overload. Your transaction will definitely occur, but this requires a little more time.

What if I don’t pay the bill within 15 minutes?

If you managed to make a payment at the last minute, don’t refresh the page and don’t try to pay again. For such cases, we specifically added one reserve minute to the system, so it can still process your payment. We recommend waiting about five minutes to be 100% sure that your payment is/isn’t successful, as the Bitcoin network takes a little time to process the transaction and confirm the payment to our system.
If you are fully sure you didn’t pay for your subscription, click the ‘Retry’ button and repeat everything from the start. The only thing which may differ is the current BTCUSD rate, which we will fix for you again.

Can the system charge me twice by mistake?

If your payment is successful and you accidentally press the ‘Retry’ button, you will see a screen saying that TeachMeCash has received your payment. Repeated withdrawals from clients' wallets are completely excluded.

What if I don’t pay for the subscription and just exit the payment screen?

If the system has generated an invoice for your payment, but no transactions have been detected, then the agreement (our offer accepted by you prior to getting to the payment screen) is canceled automatically. In very rare cases, when a client pays in the last couple of seconds, the payment enters our system with a delay once the agreement is already canceled. In this case, contact our support and they will manually activate your subscription.

What if I accidentally pay $4 000 instead of $5 000?

When people enter payment details manually, no one is completely safe from typos. In the case of underpayment, we give three days for the surcharge of the missing amount.
Once our system receives the full amount of funds, your subscription is activated at 00:00 the next day.

What if I have made a typo in your Bitcoin wallet number?

We advise you to be extremely careful while filling out the details and double-check everything, as Bitcoin transactions can never be canceled. This inconvenience is associated with the features of the Bitcoin network. Unfortunately, we can’t influence this. If you send your payment to another wallet by mistake, nothing can be changed.

Are there any other transaction errors?

If you try to make two payments for the subscription and for any other goods or services at the time, but your account is lacking funds, you may face a ‘double-spent’ error when the payment for your subscription fails because of sending the money to another recipient. In this case, we usually wait three days until the transaction is labeled in the system as ‘unprocessed,’ and then we cancel the agreement.
We notify users about this error 24 hours before the agreement cancellation.

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