Where can I find the referral link to work with TeachMeCash?

If you learned about TeachMeCash from a leader (a referral), you might already have his referral link. There is no difference whose link you use - your choice never affects the subscription price, the cost of surveys, and your referral & career opportunities. The benefit of using a referral link gets only the person whose link is used. So, if someone has interested you in our project - use his/her referral link. You will receive your own referral link after registering. Share it and earn more!

Why referral system, what are its advantages?

The referral network business significantly reduces common marketing costs. Your team works to promote the product and increase profit, and our analytical center receives more precise information. Both our leaders, subscribers and the entire education market win.

How many new referrals can I invite?

You are free to invite as many referrals as you like. Still, for achieving the next level of your career, there is the minimum required number of people. There is no maximum threshold, there are only limits on the levels of the referral program: 12th level is the highest.

How does your referral program work?

A referral receives a percentage for each subscription bought by their newly attracted people. The higher the referral level of a newcomer, the greater the percentage of profits.
Funds are credited to a referral’s account after 00:00 when subscriptions for newly arrived customers are activated. You won’t be able to withdraw this money right away – this is done to secure your funds. A more detailed explanation can be found in the ‘Payments and Withdrawals’ section.

What are the career opportunities?

Naturally, we offer our referrals great career opportunities. We have a total of 10 career statuses. The transition from one status to another is based on two criteria:

  • the number of recruited referrals,
  • referral turnover.

Roughly speaking, the more people you recruit and the more they buy, the higher your career status will be.

Are there any career bonuses offered by TeachMeCash?

Yes, we make a one-time payment once our leader reaches the next career level. This money becomes active (available for withdrawal) every 28 days.

What happens when I achieve the highest status in my career?

You can expand your network, help referrals develop their teams, conduct training webinars and even become an official representative of TeachMeCash in your region.

How do you help leaders sell the product?

We provide leaders with complete information about the product, as well as promo materials: presentations, videos, texts, and everything that can help in advertising and sales.

If another person invites my referral before I do that, can I put him in my structure?

No, that person is assigned only to his first contact. Thus, the enticement of someone else's referrals is completely excluded.

Where can I post my referral link? Can I use ads?

You are not limited in the choice of places to publish links, and of course, you can use advertising to attract referrals.

How much profit can I get with TeachMeCash?

You now can familiarize yourself with the details in the product presentation! Visit our website, go to the ""Referral program"" section and click the ""Get it to Email"" button! It describes all the features of TeachMeCash!

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