Who are your partners? 

Our partners are companies that produce online educational programs. We have signed NDA agreements with each company. It was their decision that we can’t disclose the names. We'd love to share this information with you, but it is confidential.
Still, you can see those companies which allowed us to reveal their names on our website.

What happens if your partners stop funding? Is there any guarantee that this will not happen? 

Yes, we have signed many documents with our partners who are now obliged to make payouts, and we must provide them with analytical data. So, they can’t just go away. You can be calm, as this won’t happen. What’s more, I personally have good relationships with the C-suite of those companies, we’ve been cooperating for several years already, so I know they will be with us in any case. 

What’s more, we are constantly negotiating with new consumers of our information, and if one of the companies either leaves the project or closes, the project will continue to grow. Additionally, the exclusive rights to information are valid as long as the partner company participates in the project. If such participation is terminated, we can re-sell the information to another company, so we will get the benefit anyway. 

You have a very rapid growth of the budget. Are these real numbers? 

The budgets are already discussed and approved, all the documents with our partners are signed, everything is done according to the British law. The numbers are absolutely real and they are based on the actual growth of the hi-tech market. 

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