Why should I work with the platform? 

Information about you is already being sold and bought, but you don’t get anything from it. Companies receive data about you in various ways including illegal onesand use them. The TeachMeCash platform connects you, the owner and seller of the data, and buyer companies. You earn with your own opinion. TeachMeCash makes the use of your opinion profitable and provides you with a fair income. 

Why do they pay so much for my data? 

In today's economic reality, data is a source of multimillion-dollar revenue for thousands of companies that collect, process, and sell information about you. Thus, data is a new currency. 

Until now, you have not received income from the use of your data. You had no idea who, where and for what purpose processes the information about you. 

By joining the platform, you can monetize your digital profile and anonymously share your opinion with the companies that you have chosen, and which have offered you a decent reward. Your data will start working for you. 

What data does the platform sell to companies?  

In no case do we distribute your personal data, and do not even store it longer than necessary to classify you as a respondent representing a specific segment (by geolocation, age, gender, etc.). Customer companies receive summarized data in reports, that is, information about each individual respondent is not available for general use and can always be deleted at the request of the client. The activities of the TeachMeCash platform are fully GDPR-compliant. 

Companies also receive information that you provide yourself through answering the questions of our marketing surveys. If you don’t want to share your opinion on a specific issue, you can simply leave a question without an answer. 

What is the fundamental difference between your company and others? Our platform is a unique combination of: 

  • The hi-tech industry is in high demand.
  • Opportunities for earning money and building a career – set up your team which will work for you. 
  • Effective affiliate marketing sales system – we provide all the tools for successful sales. 

What are the company's plans, including its financial plan? 

By following this link, you can find the visualization of all our plans for the future.

Are you licensed as a financial institution? 

Our project is not a financial institution and does not provide financial services - the project does not accept or return deposits either from individuals or legal entities, does not declare a percentage of profitability, and does not invest in any third-party business.
TeachMeCash sells information services - subscriptions - and purchases other information services - answers to surveys. Purchase and sale of information services is the whole subject of the project's activities in the early stages of its existence. You can find out more about our future plans in the roadmap on our website.
For this reason, TeachMeCash is not an investment project, and therefore, is not licensed and not regulated as a financial institution. 

I can not find any information about your team. Where can I find this information? 

Our team is very big and all our experts work remotely from different corners of Earth. We usually don’t disclose personal information of our employees. 

Yes, we are hiring, and YOU can become a part of our team right now. Open teachmecash.com and visit the ‘Vacancies’ page – we are looking for the best specialists! 

What is the size of your team? 

We are now cooperating with more than 250 experts across the globe. 

Are there any corporate events at TeachMeСash? 

You can meet with our representatives at offline conferences and online master classes. We will publish announcements for all our upcoming events on the website, in socials, and notify you by email.

Is there online support for TeachMeCash sales friends and leaders?  

Sure, we have a support team. You can ask for help using live chat, email, messengers, and so on. We provide support to our sales friends on every stage of their work with the TeachMeCash platform, so we are always glad to help.

What guarantees do you offer?

Our guarantees are our advantages. We work legally, we offer people to learn and earn on the innovative and fast-growing market, as well as many other benefits that you can see in the product presentation - download it from our official website.

What are the guarantees that this is not a Ponzi scheme? 

In Ponzi schemes, the income of project participants is provided by the expenses of other participants. In our project, all the earnings are provided by our partners' funds. This applies to both payments for surveys and referral bonuses. Funds of our customers are solely used to create information and analytical materials. They are not used for payments.
In addition, the client's benefit consists of three parts - obtaining expertise, gaining experience in the innovative EdTech industry, receiving payouts for their opinion. So, it is clear that the project participant receives more than he spends. 

Moreover, while the goal of the Ponzi scheme is to manipulate people, our goal is to motivate them. Our goal is to make the world better; we have great plans for the next 5 years and don’t want to stop. We want to motivate people to achieve great results with us. 

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