Learn more about how we define things at TeachMeCash. Who are subscribers, how they differ from sales friends, what are client's earnings, and many other.


Subscriber – a person who has got one of our 3 subscriptions and started profiting by filling out surveys and participating in the TeachMeCash referral program.

Subscription – a virtual package of services, which includes getting a subscription to TeachMeCash expert analytics. The amount of information depends on the subscription type. 

Segment rental – to take part in marketing research via the TeachMeCash platform, you need to rent your segment level from a brand. For example, if you want to participate in the creation of a mass market product (let's say, taxi services or a product such as clothes and shoes), you rent a segment for $200, if you want to influence the creation of new luxury jewelry or take part in designing a first–class cabin, you need to rent a segment for $50 000. Long story short, the subscription is the guarantee that you represent this segment so that brands can rely on your opinion. 

Segment rental payback – after you have left the amount for segment rental, a brand returns this amount to you in the first 3.5-4 months, after which you get a net profit for filling out marketing surveys. 

Survey – a questionnaire on online education, where several options of answers are provided for each question. Surveys are related to marketing projects in the field of online education. Subscribers become respondents and earn money for each survey they fill out.  

Respondent – a TeachMeCash subscriber who completes surveys and receives rewards for it.

Anonymous group – statistically average answers divided by demographics and geography.  


Multi-level marketing – one of the most progressive principles of building a business, when an existing subscriber receives an additional reward from the company for attracting a new subscriber and for their effectiveness.  

Career and referral programs – systems for building a career within the TeachMeCash platform. Leaders get rewards for attracting new clients and building their sales friends network. The nominal percentage of rewards directly depends on the level at which a new team member joined the sales friend’s team.

Leader – a person who has started building a career within TeachMeCash platform and searching for new potential leaders and clients.

Career status – the current level of development of a leader in the company TeachMeCash, in accordance with which interest is accrued from the Network turnover. The main indicators of status are the number of attracted sales friends and the volume of network turnover.

Referral network – a team of project participants, which was formed as a result of adding new sales friends (leaders) at different levels of the TeachMeCash team building system.

Network/referral turnover – the income received as a result of activities of a sales friends network built by a leader.


Reward – a compensation fee for filled out TeachMeCash surveys which are held every 14 days.  

Bonus – it is paid for timely filling out our surveys - in 13.5 days.  

Career bonus – one-time career compensation which is paid to a sales friend by TeachMeCash when they obtain each next career level.  

Referral bonus – earnings from subscriptions and the percentage of earnings of the sales friend's network.  

Subscribed – the amount of funds corresponding to the cost of the subscription acquired by a client.  

Earned – income received from the subscription cost, activities of a sales friend's network, filling out surveys from the very beginning of cooperation with TeachMeCash.

Available – the amount of funds available for withdrawing to the client's Bitcoin wallet.  
Withdrawn – the amount of funds withdrawn by a client to their Bitcoin wallet.  

Pay with Available funds – use already earned money to pay for the next subscription.

General terminology 

Marketing research – in the TeachMeCash environment, long-term surveys of the target audience in the necessary for brands segment regarding the products and services. In simple words, we collect your feedback about products, find out the preferences of a certain target audience, the specifics of its behavior and the process of making a purchasing decision, and then pass the data to brands for them to create the “perfect” product. 

Monetization of brands’ products – the main goal of our partners. Therefore, they order market research from us and why we interview you. We process the opinions of respondents and transmit final analytical data to companies. 

Market segments – a breakdown of consumers or potential consumers in the market into various groups. In our case, this is the mass market, business segment and luxury.

Analytics – informational and analytical research on the hi-tech industry. The amount of information provided and the frequency of its sending (from one-time research to weekly reports) depend on the Subscription cost. Contents are 100% unique. Data is collected and processed by TeachMeCash experts. It is also carefully systematized and structured to improve the perception.

Roadmap (financial plan) – the dynamics of TeachMeCash development, described in the form of a forecast for the future years.

Offer – a contract between TeachMeCash and a client which is automatically accepted after receiving a payment for a subscription.

Withdrawal – withdrawing funds earned by a subscriber/respondent/sales friend to a Bitcoin wallet.

Commission – the sum of money we charge for covering operational costs.

Partners – companies and individual entrepreneurs who order analytical data from our research center. They purchase data from us, and we use these funds to pay to our subscribers for their answers.

Client – anyone registered in the TeachMeCash platform and receiving analytics.

Iteration – the company's project year, which starts in March every year.

Global consulting – our goal to become a global educational consulting, when anyone can come to our office and get a consultation about the latest trends, the most interesting and demanded profession, and other burning topics

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